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On Christ the sure foundation,                                    Lord, now we ask your blessing             Resolved and proud we stand;                                   As in your care we find

Our past secured by mercies,                                     Our learning and our serving,

Our future in God’s hand.                                           Our fellowship of mind;

They blazed a path most glorious,                             A light within our nation,

Who served us selflessly;                                           A flicker turned to flame;

And we, the course victorious                                    Excelsior's faith in duty

Must stay relentlessly.                                                Adds lustre to its name

On eagle’s wings still mounting,                                We work to lift God's children                As day succeeds to day;                                             To knowledge, truth and right;

Excelsior swells the chorus;                                       And at the call EXCELSIOR!

YET HIGHER! All the way.                                          We do it with our might.


2. O God of strength and wisdom,                              Lyrics -Philip G. O'B Robinson

Source of all love and truth;                                       Music- Lloyd Hall

Through childhood days You nurture

And guide us into youth;

In later years, still guiding,

You light the way we go;

We look to you Great Teacher,

For all we need to know.

Time, gifts and all we offer,

Life’s calling to fulfill;

That as we go, EXCELSIOR,

We do God’s sovereign will.



  Our School Song-

On Christ the sure foundation

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